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National Lawyers Guild at the cancelled Donald Trump rally!

NLG Chicago: "We are proud to have provided legal observers, stations visits to arrestees, and representation in bond court for those charged during Friday's demonstrations..."

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Muslim Legal Support Collaboration

The National Lawyers Guild Los Angeles, Council on Arab Islamic Relations (CAIR), American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, and Advancing Justice Los Angeles announced a collaborative effort to provide legal support to our Muslim and Muslim looking brothers and sisters.

NLG-LA Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Street Vendors
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NLG-LA, LAFLA, ACLU & Schonbrun Firm File Federal Lawsuit on Behalf of Street Vendors

“Every day in Los Angeles street vendors have their hard earned property illegally confiscated and destroyed,” says Cynthia Anderson Barker, attorney with the National Lawyers Guild.

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The National Lawyers Guild Street Vendor Project

In collaboration with street vendors, community groups, and other legal organizations, the Guild has been pushing back on Los Angeles' harsh anti-vending policies.

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ICE Out of Los Angeles!

NLG-LA member Victor Narro speaks with the LA Progressive against local law enforcement's collusion with federal immigration enforcement against traditionally targeted communities