NLG-LA Legal Observers Support Migrant Caravan

A team of legal observers from National Lawyers Guild Los Angeles was on hand to support the migrant caravan and associated protests on April 28th and 29th, 2018. 

The migrant caravan is made up of two hundred refugees fleeing violence in Central America. Their pilgrimage to the U.S. border to request asylum drew international attention to their plight. Unfortunately it also drew xenophobic comments from some U.S. politicians, including President Trump. 

The asylum process allows immigrants at the border to request that their cases be reviewed, so that they may remain in the U.S. due to credible fear of persecution in their native countries. 

NLG Los Angeles met with the caravan at the border, working with a variety of organizations including Pueblo Sin Fronteras and National Day Laborer Organizing Network. NLG volunteers provided legal support to the refugees and also legal observer support for the various groups at the border. 

NLG-LA Board members Pasquale Lombardo, Gilbert Saucedo, Helen Sklar, Colleen Flynn, and Cynthia Anderson-Barker supported the caravan in Tijuana, providing legal support for the refugees. Executive Director Kath Rogers provided support on the U.S. side, coordinating legal observers for the protests and support activities, along with a number of volunteer legal observers on both sides of the border. 

NLG-LA supports the rights of refugees. Please contact your political representative and urge them to make sure that the Director of Homeland Security process these claims and conduct interviews which treat these refugees fairly.