Lawyers and Activists to take to the streets to protect Street Vending

The City is still dragging its feet on legalizing street vending. However, we can pressure the City to legalize street vending in other ways. 

Last May, the street vendors, the  NLG and a group of legal services organizations sent City Attorney Mike Feuer a letter asking Mike Feuer to meet with vendor groups and legal services providers to discuss  the following request: 

1. Publicly commit to not pursuing any misdemeanor sidewalk vending prosecutions, or  failure to appear citations for sidewalk vending citations;

2. Dismiss citations for vendors with priors for sidewalk vending who will suffer significant hardship if required to pay onerous fines. 

3. Dismiss ACE tickets for sidewalk vending for defendants who will suffer severe financial hardship if required to pay the fines. 

A legal memo outlining the City Attorney's legal authority to do the above accompanied the letter. (See attached.) 

Mike Feuer refused to meet with the group. Now the vendors, the NLG, and other community based organizations have organized a demonstration/protest/press conference outside the City Attorney's office to demand that Mike Feuer 1. Meet with the group 2. Declare a moratorium on street vending prosecutions 3. Dismiss prior street vending tickets and relieve the vendors of the onerous criminal justice debt. WE NEED A GOOD SHOWING OF LAW STUDENTS, LAWYERS AND LEGAL WORKS AT THIS EVENT.  The vendors are mobilizing. We can too! PLEASE ATTEND THIS IMPORTANT DEMONSTRATION AND TELL THE CITY ATTORNEY THAT WE WANT HIM TO TAKE ACTION. 

Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 

Time: 10:30 - 12:00 noon 

Place: City Hall East, 200 N. Main Street, LA 90012


Please see the flier for the event below, as well as the letter and legal memorandum sent to the City Attorney.