NLG-LA Defending Activists in the Courts

April 14, 2015: "Die-in on Blue Line train tracks. #ShutDownA14 #DTLA" @HelloKommie

by John Raphling

Lawyers' Guild and other appointed lawyers, including John Raphling, Meredith Symonds and Cynthia Anderson-Barker are currently representing protesters arrested during the April 14, 2015 action highlighting police violence and police murder.  The prosecution has charged violations of Penal Code section 369i (disrupting a railroad); Vehicle Code section 2800 (failing to obey a police officer); and Penal Code section 647C (maliciously blocking a street or sidewalk). 

Of the fourteen activists originally prosecuted, eleven continue to fight the charges.  The judge refused to consolidate all into one unified case, instead leaving them broken up into three separate cases.  Trials are expected to begin in early November, though no exact date is set yet.  The activists are calling for supporters to be present at the courthouse and in the courtrooms once trials begin.